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051 Series Pumps
140 Series Pumps
150 Series Pumps
160 Series Pumps
170 Series Pumps
180 Series Pumps
240 Series Pumps
250 Series Pumps
260 Series Pumps
270 Series Pumps
280 Series Pumps


AMT Alternatives
Aurora Pump Alternatives

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Base Mounted Pumps
Blackmer Pump Alternatives
Bronze Pumps
Buffalo Pump Alternatives
Burks Pump Replacements and Alternatives

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C41 Series Pumps
C51 Series Pumps
C61 Series Pumps
Canned Motor Pumps
Centrifugal Pumps
Crane Chempump Alternatives
Close-Coupled Pumps
Compact Pumps
Corken Pump Alternatives
Cornell Pump Alternatives
custom designed Pumps

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DC (Direct Current) Pumps

  • MTH offers a number of our Standard Products with direct current powered motors. The T31, E41, and E51 Series regenerative turbine pumps can be mounted to an available 1HP 12 VDC brushed motor for medium-high pressure applications up to 225PSI (520ft). For higher flow applications up to 100GPM and 60 feet, we can offer most of our C Series centrifugal pumps up to 1HP on the same motor. One specific example of this is our DC10 pump which is specifically designed for truck mounted portable toilet washdown duty. Other voltages and HP can be made available on request. We also offer the ST21 sealless canned DC BRUSHLESS regenerative turbine pump for smaller critical services up to 2GPM or 450 feet. These units feature not only a sealless permanent magnet design, but also an integrated variable speed controller with 1000 - 10000 RPM speed setting by 4-20ma signal, 0-10V signal or manual control. We currently have this unit in 24VDC, but other voltages and pump performance envelopes may be available depending on your specific needs.

DC Brushed Pumps
DC Brushless Pumps
Discharge Trees

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E41 Series Pumps
End Suction Pumps
Engineered Pumps

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Flange Mounted Pumps
Flexible-Coupled Pumps

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Goulds G+L Pump Alternatives
Grundfos Pump Alternatives

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Hanson Pump Alternatives
Hermetic Pump Alternatives
Hermetic Motor Pumps
High Head Pressure Pumps
High Quality Pumps
Horizontal Mount Pumps

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Industrial Pumps
Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Alternatives
Iron Pumps

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Low Cost Pumps
Low Noise Pumps

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Mag-Drive Pumps
Magnetic Drive Pumps
Metric Pumps
Multistage Pumps

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Oem Pumps

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P31 Series Pumps
Paco Pump Alternatives
Pressure Transducer Controlled Pumps
Procon Pump Alternatives
Pumping equipment

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Quiet Pumps

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Regenerative Turbine Pumps
Relief valves
Replacement Pumps
Rotary Pumps
Rotary Vane Pumps
Roth Pump Alternatives

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S31 Series Pumps
S41 Series Pumps
SC31 Series Pumps
Sealless Pumps
Self-Adjusting Pumps
Small Footprint Pumps
Space Saving Pumps
Speck Pump Alternatives
ST21 Series Pumps
Stainless Steel Pumps
Sundyne Pump Alternatives

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T31 Series Pumps
T41 Series Pumps
T51 Series Pumps
Tank Mounted Pumps
Teikoku Pump Alternatives
Turbine Pumps
Turboflex Pumps

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U.S. Manufactured Pumps

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Variable Frequency Drive Pumps
Variable Speed Pumps
Vertical Inline Pumps
Vertical Immersible
Vertical Mount Pumps
Viking Pump Alternatives

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X31 Series Pumps
X41 Series Pumps
X51 Series Pumps

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York IT Pump Alternatives

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Zero Emission Pumps

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